Premium Firearm Gears that Revolutionize Shooting Experience

Currently available for the HK USP pistols series, the Omega Match Weight is an innovative patent-pending product designed with durability, performance, and comfort in mind. This popular match weight reduces recoil by as much as 40%, allowing for much faster follow-up shots, quicker target-reacquisition, and more comfortable shooting experience.  


Made out of highest grade steel, the Omega Match Weight is guaranteed to last. In addition, the tough Cera-Hide finish provides exceptional protection against abrasive wear and hostile elements.


Adjustable weight with brass inserts design maximize weight per volume ratio and allows for personal weight balance optimization. Everyone has a slightly different musculature, and that means different preference for pistol weight balance. Customize your weight with brass insert till it fits you best!  


The Omega Match Weight is designed to be slim and unobtrusive with a stylish and elegant appearance that blends in and enhances the look of your firearm. 


The [Omega Match Weight] you created is excellent. The difference in shooting it with my 68 yr old hands is fantastic. It went from a pain in the butt to shoot to "forget the other pistols I brought to shoot, just going to keep shooting the Elite." 

- Bob B. of Connecticut -


... without the weight, [the USP Elite] wants to rock back and forward under recoil. With the weight, its a very slight bounce up and then it realigns with the target before I can reset the trigger. I almost don't have to reacquire the sight picture, it just double-taps naturally as fast as I can get the second shot to break. I love it. I shot my best qualifier ever and the results of this match will get me moved up to the next classification in the Limited 10 division. 

- Joshua S. of Florida -